Specializing in the production of various filtration products, after many years of research, we have become a leading manufacturer and supplier in filtration field.


As you can see from the picture, our main filtration products include China filter cartridge, cartridge type air filter, compressed air filter cartridge, polyester filter cartridge, high temperature filter cartridge and so on. They own good thermal stability, high filtration efficiency, long life and other outstanding characteristics. At the same time, as one of the best China filter cartridge manufactures and suppliers, we assure you that high quality filtration products are essential.

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TR filtration products completely meet the international standards. Our filter cartridges can replace Donaldson, BHA, AAF, NORDIC, AMANO, etc. brands. Liquid filter bag can replace EATON bag. 



TR Filtration Co., Ltd. has an excellent team that has developed air filtration and liquid filtration for over 12 years. Our filtration products and services are standardized and professional.


TR Filtration Co., Ltd. is a leading filtration product manufacturer, all the filtration products have SGS, ISO9001. We only use high quality material to meet clients needs. OEM is welcome.


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TR Filtration Co., Ltd. can offer you professional suggestion, our skilled engineers can go to your work site to fix and solve any filter issues. 


WUXI TR FILTRATION LTD is located in Wuxi city, 120km west of Shanghai, is a professional China filtration products manufacturer and supplier. We specialize in the production of various filtration products, after many years of research, we have become the leading manufacturer and supplier in filtration field.

Our main products : cartridge type air filter, compressed air filter cartridge, polyester filter cartridge, high temperature filter cartridge, filter cartridge, air filter cartridge, polyester filter cartridge, dust filtration cloth and filter bag, liquid filtration cloth and filter bag, filter housing, dust filtration bag, filter bag cage, etc.. 

Our filter cartridge and other filter products completely meet the international standard, it’s compatible with brands as BHA, DONALDSON, AMANO, AAF, NORDIC, etc..


  • Dec
    Impact of haze on health ,Environmental protection is very important

    Impact of haze on health

  • Jul
    [Application] How to choose Liquid Filter Bags

    How to choose Liquid Filter Bags Technical data of filter bag Filter bag specification (sheet 1)Bag Construction Filter media Filter Precision (um)Ring type Sewn Hot-welding PE PP/PONMOPPSPTFE0.5, 1,5,10,25,50,80,100,125,150,200,250,300,400,600,800,1200,2500Galvanized steel ring SS304 PE/PO plastic

  • Jul
    [Application] The Advantage & Disadvantage of Pre-coating Pleated Filter Cartridge

    Filter pre-coating is the practice of intentionally loading a porous particulate layer onto a filter media in a dust collector to enhance some aspect of performance. For reasons discussed below, pre-coating is sometimes considered advantages ​for pleated cartridge filters, but you may not find it to be the best choice for many applications. There are two basic reasons pre-coating would be considered for new clean filter media. Before considering the possible use of pre-coating, you should understand the differences and impacts of it, including how a single application of pre-coating may only be a temporary fix.

  • Jul
    [Industry News] PE Filter bag

    PE Filter bag Filter bag is made by filter cloth. A filter cloth or paper formed of synthetic fibers randomly oriented. Usually held together by a binder. Engineered fabrics that may be a limited life, single-use fabric, and typically lack strength. Combined properties create fabrics suited for spe

  • Jul
    [Application] PP Needle Felt for Liquid Filter Bag

    Product definition: Needle felt is ideal filter material for liquid filtration, according to different materials, it includes Polyester filter bag and polypropylene filter bag. 1.Seam treatment:ultrasonic welded or thread stitched2.Seal ring options:PP or PET SDS,STS, Zinc coated steel or SS ring3.R

  • Jul
    [Application] Spun Bond Media Filter Cartridge - TR Filters

    Spun bond media filter cartridge has very high filtration efficiencies on fine particulate, along with high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. This media provides superior dust cake release properties compared to paper media.

  • Jun
    [Application] Spun bond PE air filter cartridge

    We rise sharply in the field of polymer technology products. We are well known as the premier filter factory concentrating on providing our customer with quick and economical solutions the filtration problems. Our company manufactures the ultra-high molecular polyethylene filter,molecular weight is

  • Jun
    [Application] PP filter cloth and PP filter bag for industry filter applications

    PP filter cloth and PP filter bag for industry filter applications Filter press cloth normally include 4 types, polyester(terylene/PET), polypropylene (PP), chinlon (polyamide/nylon) and vinylon. Especially the PET and PP material are very popularly used.Plate frame filter press filter cloth is used

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We are the professional manufacturer of kinds of filtration products,including Liquid Filtration,China filter cartridge, polyester filter cartridge,Dust Filtration Bag,filter bag cage,etc.

We have become the leading supplier in the filtration field after years of research & innovation.

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